DHW heat pumps
WWK 300 electronic SOL

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    The WWK 300 electronic SOL is proof that top efficiency can be extremely quiet. In addition to the highly efficient heat pump, the well-insulated integral DHW cylinder ensures a high level of DHW convenience.

    Convenient operation via the LCD in keeping with the high grade design. At the touch of a button, all important information can be called up, for example the currently available amount of mixed water at +40 °C.

    Even more efficient with solar backup.
    Every WWK electronic can be connected with a PV system or an external signal transmitter (selected inverter required). In this SOL version, a solar thermal system or an additional external heat generator (e.g. an existing heating system) can also be connected.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 233583

    Average heating output (A15/W10-55): 1,6 kW

    Height: 1905 mm

    Diameter: 690 mm

    Weight: 156 kg

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