DHW heat pumps

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    Your DHW heat pump draws the required energy from the air. Quietly, but very efficiently. So that you enjoy an excellent level of DHW convenience

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    Opt for renewable energy and get your domestic hot water from a DHW heat pump! A fully wired DHW heat pump is a fast, efficient and futureproof DHW heating solution. Basements and utility rooms in particular are often heated passively and unintentionally, whether by a boiler or by electrical appliances that give off a lot of heat. Don’t let this energy go to waste. Your DHW heat pump draws up to 70 % of the energy required for DHW heating from the ambient air. To your gain! The heat fed into the integral cylinder can cover all of your DHW needs in a detached or two-family house.

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    Are you interested in a DHW heat pump but still have some questions? No problem! Here is an overview of our frequently asked questions.

    How does a DHW heat pump work?

    DHW heat pumps utilise free environmental energy for DHW heating. These systems draw heat from indoor air, from basement rooms for example, for DHW heating. Equipped with a suitable fan, the DHW heat pump draws in ambient air and extracts latent heat from it. This is transferred to a refrigerant via a heat exchanger (evaporator). A compressor raises the temperature level of the refrigerant. The energy recovered is then available for heating your domestic hot water via another heat exchanger (condenser).

    How much does a DHW heat pump cost?

    DHW heat pumps are affordable to buy and flexible to use. Depending on the model, they efficiently use the ambient air at the installation site or the outdoor air. They can also be combined with a photovoltaic system. This pays off for you in two ways: you increase your rate of self-consumption and also benefit from virtually free DHW heating.


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