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    One simple move and you get water at the temperature you need for your tea or instant soup. Quickly, with variable temperature selection. Discover our EBK 5 G water boiler.

    Get hot water quickly and easily with your new water boiler

    Hot and boiling water is needed in the kitchen all the time, so it’s good to have an appliance you can rely on. Such as your water boiler. After all, having boiling water on tap really makes life easier. Just adjust the dial and the water boiler heats the water to the required temperature. The 5 litre glass container provides sufficient capacity. Your water boiler is your first port of call for everything – whether you’re making a cup of tea, preparing pasta or sterilising baby bottles.

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    Get the answers to your water boiler questions

    Would you like to install a water boiler in your kitchen, but still have some questions? Click here to find out all you need to know! Browse our frequently asked questions:

    How does a water boiler work?

    Fill the water boiler container with cold water from the tap. Check the level markings on the container to see how much water you have added. Use the dial to easily and conveniently set the required temperature. The water boiler can heat the water to any temperature from 35 degrees to boiling point. The water vapour formed during boiling is discharged via the overflow pipe. This also drains the water if you accidentally overfill the container. The water boiler switches off automatically on reaching your preferred temperature. You can draw hot water to quickly prepare a cup of tea, coffee or a ready meal, or mix cold and hot water to wash the dishes. 

    How do you clean a water boiler?

    Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents to clean your water boiler. Don’t use objects with sharp edges on the heating element or container either.

    We recommend using only a damp cloth to care for and clean your water boiler. The inside of the appliance’s glass container can also be cleaned if necessary. Important: unplug the water boiler from the socket in order to isolate it from the power supply. Only open the cover once your water boiler has cooled down. The opening is large enough to allow good access. When you’ve finished, close the cover and plug in the mains plug again. Then rinse out the water boiler in order to remove any cleaning agent residue, and drain this water off. Your water boiler is now ready again to provide you with boiling hot water in a jiffy. 

    How do you descale a water boiler?

    Almost every type of water will deposit limescale at high temperatures. As your water boiler regularly heats water to boiling point, we recommend descaling it from time to time. Use an environmentally compatible descaling agent. To descale the appliance, open the cover. The opening is large enough to allow good access. Important: only open the cover once your water boiler has cooled down. Fill the appliance with the recommended amount of water and descaling agent. Then close the cover and turn the temperature selector to the descaling setting. Switch the appliance on by pressing the temperature selector. Now leave the descaling agent to work for the duration specified on the packaging. After this time, draw off the water and rinse the container out several times with tap water. We recommend that you then boil the maximum volume of water and drain off this water again. Your water boiler is now ready for quickly preparing tea or coffee, blanching vegetables or sterilising baby bottles.