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  • Keeping your plans flexible
    • High flexibility in siting and installation
    • Achieves the highest possible energy efficiency class in this product group (A+)
    • Hygienic DHW temperatures up to 65°C possible in efficient heat pump mode
    • Can be integrated into a smart grid (SG Ready)
    • Maximum reliability and cost savings due to maintenance free cylinder protection (impressed current anode)
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    Innovative technology that is easy to use: our DHW heat pumps

    High quality workmanship, fully wired for installation – you benefit in every way with our DHW heat pumps. Starting with the product selection, right through to our innovation: the roll bond heat exchanger. As a trade partner, you already know that we understand the importance of easy maintenance at STIEBEL ELTRON. Thanks to the integral impressed current anode, no expendable materials are needed for our DHW heat pumps, in contrast to magnesium anodes. As a result, they are practically maintenance-free!

    The right solution for your project
    Product innovation: roll bond

    High efficiency means the transfer of heat with as few losses as possible. To achieve this, the roll bond heat exchanger makes maximum contact with the DHW cylinder. The cylinder thermally expands when heated and contracts when water is drawn off. For this reason, spring tension has been added to ensure that maximum contact is maintained at all times, even when used on a daily bases.

    • Spring-loaded roll bond heat exchanger for maximum safety
    • Maximum efficiency maintained over the entire service life of the appliance
    • Reliable, high grade equipment from the technology leader

    This unique feature sets the WWK DHW heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON apart – and ensures that the products within this series retain their high efficiency throughout the full service life of the appliance.

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