Engineering services

Our engineers in Holzminden offer a variety of engineering services. After all, good, careful, competent engineering is the guarantee for operational reliability and efficiency in technical building systems.


You can find many of the necessary questionnaires and order forms here.

Services at a glance

  • Calculations of sizing principles such as the standard heat load
  • Development of tailor-made systems solutions
  • Viability considerations and feasibility analyses
  • Drafting of quotation and tender documentation
  • Customer-specific project support

Engineering service: heat load calculation

Calculating the standard heat load to EN 12831 in line with the detailed procedure, calculating the size of the heat generator and heat transfer system on a room by room basis. The order form required for this service and the associated technical questionnaire can be downloaded here.

Part no. Type
240587 Heat load calculation, detached house
303540 Heat load calculation, apartment building
303541 Heat load calculation, non-residential building

Engineering service: heat pump

System engineering and sizing of a heating heat pump system and a second heat generator for room heating and DHW heating if applicable, including a hydraulic and electrical system diagram, as the basis for final engineering. The technical questionnaire required for this service can be obtained from your contact or downloaded here.

Example of heat pump engineering

You will receive initial information just a few days after your enquiry. A detailed list including calculation principles and results, material list, layout and 3D drawings takes no more than two to three weeks. The engineering department in Holzminden offers complete, all-round support, optimum sizing and selection of system and associated components, the best possible selection of individual parts from our comprehensive product range, and much more.

Part no. Type
240588 Heat pump, residential building
303542 Heat pump, nonresidential building

Engineering service: ventilation equipment

System engineering and sizing of a ventilation unit and air distribution system for one residential unit, incl. verification of the ventilation concept as final engineering, incl. 3D diagram and description. The order form required for this service and the associated technical questionnaire can be downloaded here.

In addition to the binding order confirmation, dimensioned floor plans, views and cut-away drawings are required for further processing. Our service includes the above planning for one ventilation unit or residential unit. Identical residential units, as in an apartment building, are included in the scope of one engineering service.

Part no. Type
240592 Engineering service: ventilation equipment plus

Engineering service: economic feasibility

Viability study in line with the annuity method, with reference to VDI 2067 and the cash equivalent method for heat generators, DHW appliances and solar thermal systems, compared to alternative concepts.

Part no. Type
303546 Engineering service: economic feasibility