Not every method is right for us - but the innovative refrigerant R454C is.

Comfort through Technology is our claim even for your daily work

We offer maximum installation safety as our new refrigerant R454C is less flammable than other refrigerants. This makes it an excellent choice for our reliable and highly integrated heat pumps. With them, installation and maintenance are quick and easy.


Thanks to its explosion proof properties, in contrast to other refrigerants, our new refrigerant R454C offers you maximum safety during installation, handling and operation. It is therefore ideal for our reliable and highly integrated heat pumps. They enable installation and maintenance to be carried out quickly and easily.


We are focused on efficiency gains. The new refrigerant enables a performance increase of 15 %. In addition, flow temperatures of up to 75 °C are achieved in heat pump only mode – ideal for modernisation projects or year-round DHW heating at temperatures above 60 °C, without direct electric backup.


R454C is eco-friendly and futureproof, with an up to 14 times lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to previously typical refrigerants. Thus, it already meets the most stringent requirements.