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  • High on heat, low on space

    If space is tight and your old night storage heater has seen better days, why not treat yourself to an SHF 4000 storage heater with a particularly high heating output.

    Your search for a successor is over. Say goodbye to your old night storage heater.

    Night storage heaters are a clean and environmentally responsible way to supply heat in many apartments. With zero emissions at the point of installation. We all know about their plus points. They convert electricity into heat without any losses. You don’t need a chimney connection or a heating tank and can heat children’s rooms individually. Once an old night storage heater stops working, you need a replacement fast.

    Our modern storage heaters are extremely quiet, but you’re still sure to notice their impressively high heating output. All thanks to our perfect C-Plus Technology. And you also benefit considerably in other ways, since you save up to 20 percent of the energy compared to an old appliance operated without a central charge controller.

    Your wallet will be happy too, as a new night storage heater does not have to be expensive.

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    Night storage heaters with C-Plus Technology – best use for maximum cost savings

    Ideally, an electric storage heater should be operated via a central weather-compensated charge controller. However, these are not found everywhere or may be very difficult to retrofit. Thanks to our latest storage heaters, there is no need to install a central charge controller: with their integrated C-Plus Technology, they are able to independently determine the heat demand for the coming days – and store the anticipated amount of energy accordingly.

    In addition to the heat demand in the room on the day, the C-Plus Technology also incorporates other data to produce its intelligent calculations, such as the user heating pattern and a safety reserve. The outside temperature plays a role as well: this value is incorporated indirectly into the calculations via the daily heat demand. In combination with an integral room temperature controller with a weekly timer function, you can be sure that you are optimising your energy usage while maximising your savings on energy costs.

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    Would you like to install a storage heater in your home, but still have some questions? We’re here to help! Here you can browse our frequently asked questions.

    How does a night storage heater work?

    Night storage heaters use a “bank” of heavy bricks that are heated to over 600 °C when the heater is charged up. To release the stored heat, the electric storage heater’s fans draw in the indoor air, pass it through this bank of bricks and route it outwards again through the vents.

    A storage heater heats a room with static heat radiation via its warm surface (not adjustable) and via integral fans that are switched on and off by the room temperature controller until the required temperature is reached.

    The greater the difference between the room’s set and actual temperature or the colder the room, the more energy has to be absorbed and stored overnight.

    How long does a night storage heater stay warm?

    A standard night storage heater has a charge and release cycle. It is charged up for a period of eight hours at most – usually overnight – and then releases the stored heat into the environment for 16 hours.

    Night storage heaters are compared on the basis of their heat retention capacity. On average, this amounts to approximately 55 percent in the case of STIEBEL ELTRON appliances. This means that 55 percent of the previously stored heat is still available in the appliance after 16 hours. The rest of the heat has been released as static heat into the room.


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