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    Spring, summer, autumn and winter – you can feel comfortable whatever the season with your RTF-TC room temperature controller. Its core values: an integral sensor with self-learning control!

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    Huge benefits for minimal costs and effort. Your new heating control unit enables you to operate your heating appliances more efficiently. Various programs help with energy saving operation. For example, our RTU-TC and RTF-TC touchscreen controllers are able to record the room and floor temperature and limit them accordingly. One sensor makes it possible. Weekly timers, frost protection and open window detection are also included.

    Install your heating control unit above or below the plaster – we have the right products for you.

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    Comfort through heating control
    Explained in brief

    How does heating control for storage heaters work?

    The heating control unit calculates the required charge volume in percent based on the outside temperature and a set characteristic curve. This information is transmitted to the electric storage heater: for example, 60 % charge for 5 °C outside temperature.

    The storage heater therefore receives the information that it must charge its core to 60 % of its maximum thermal capacity. If there is still 10 % residual heat left in the storage heater, then it must charge an additional 50 %.

    This means that the storage heater only draws current from the mains for 4 hours (50 %) during the enable time (8 hours) and switches off automatically once the 60 % target charge level has been reached.

    How does heating control work in conjunction with temperature controllers?

    You use the temperature controller to set the required temperature in a room. The controller switches on the connected heating appliances and heats the room until the selected room temperature is reached. Then the temperature controller switches off the heating appliance. As soon as the temperature drops again, the controller switches the heater back on.

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