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  • Appliances for all requirements
    • For new builds and modernisation, detached houses, apartment buildings and residential complexes
    • For room heating and cooling and DHW heating
    • For all energy sources: air source heat pumps (for indoor and outdoor installation), ground source heat pumps and water source heat pumps
    • For maximum efficiency even at the limit of -20 °C
    • For all building services functions using electricity from renewable energy
    • For each series: standardised and well designed connection and installation concepts
    • Consistent controller concept for straightforward installation and operation
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    Create new opportunities for your customers’ homes with efficient, futureproof building services based on renewables.

    You benefit from our decades of experience and first class products. We have the right heat pump for your contract, be it a detached house or large-scale project. And we support you in the planning and implementation stages with a wide range of tools and an integrated building services concept to help you work efficiently. For your success and a lasting sense of wellbeing for your customers.

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