LWZ 70 E

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    The LWZ 70 E ventilation unit has been specially developed for ventilation in apartments. A cross-countercurrent heat exchanger retains up to 90 % of the thermal energy from the extract air – energy that would be irretrievably lost with classic ventilation systems. Additional energy efficient features of the LWZ 70 E are its economical constant flow fans with integral control unit. Ventilation can be controlled in three stages via a remote control (essential accessory). The filters, which are easily replaced, clean the ventilation and extract air and ensure consistently high air quality. Thanks to its compact design, the LWZ 70 E can be very conveniently housed inside a kitchen wall unit.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 233851

    Height: 600 mm

    Width: 560 mm

    Depth: 290 mm

    Air flow rate: 50-180 m³/h

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