Integral cylinder
HSBC 300 cool

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    APPLICATION: Integral cylinder for heat pump operation for DHW heating, also for simultaneous integration into heating systems for hydraulic connection and for propulsion and separation of the heat pump and heating circuit flow. Designed for use in detached houses for heating and cooling.
    EQUIPMENT/CONVENIENCE: DHW cylinder, enamelled steel with directly applied foam insulation, equipped with internal indirect coil and magnesium signal anode for additional corrosion protection. Buffer cylinder, steel with directly applied foam insulation. Separable cylinders arranged one above the other, with recessed grips to facilitate handling. Hydraulic connections on the heating side routed upwards; on the DHW side towards the back. Equipped with cylinder charging pump, heating circuit pump and 3/2-way diverter valve. Hydraulic working parts are thermally insulated before the cylinder foam insulation is applied and are arranged behind the front panel. Prepared for optional extension with a heating circuit with mixer. Cylinder casing consisting of plastic jacket in pure white (permanently attached at the sides and rear), removable front panel made from sheet metal in white.
    EFFICIENCY: Low standby losses due to high grade thermal insulation.

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    Product Number: 236686

    Nominal capacity, DHW cylinder: 270 l

    Nominal capacity, buffer cylinder: 100 l

    Energy efficiency class: B

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