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WPL 09 IKCS classic compact plus Set

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    Bring all the efficiency indoors

    You have near neighbours? No problem with this set of air source heat pump and combi unit consisting of a DHW and buffer cylinder. As the heat pump is installed indoors, noise or lack of space outdoors are not an issue. The sound insulation of the air ducts also contributes to this. The sound power level outdoors is roughly equivalent to the sound of a gentle breeze. If you opt to integrate your efficient heat pump into your home network, you can then conveniently control it via a smartphone or tablet.

    Two cylinders in one

    The cylinder requires little space in your utility room as it is a combi unit with two cylinders in one. Its capacity of 180 litres provides enough hot water for a shower or a relaxing bath. Your efficient heat pump will then keep your rooms comfortably warm – or cool in the summer.

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    Product Number: 236732

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