Air source heat pumps
HPA-O 07.1 CS Premium compact D Set 2

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    Achieve maximum hot water convenience with ease

    Efficient technology uncovers a wide range of functions. Our set overcomes this challenge with ease: choose this outdoor air source heat pump together with the appropriate cylinder solution and not only do you get heating energy in winter and pleasant coolness in summer for your family house, but also a DHW cylinder with a storage capacity of 290 litres, which is sufficient for higher demands.

    Convenient control of the appliance's functions

    A heat pump you can rely on: even at very low outside temperatures of down to minus 25 °C, it achieves high flow temperatures to ensure pleasant room heating and high hot water convenience. The combination of DHW and buffer cylinder offers you a compact solution that can be used not only for heating but also for cooling with underfloor heating or separate fan coil units. Since the heat pump manager is contained in the cylinder, no additional space is required and control is particularly easy.

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    Product Number: 205294

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