Comfort instantaneous water heaters
PEO 18/21/24

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    Perfect your showering experience

    Showering has never been such a convenient experience. This instantaneous water heater with electronic closed-loop control always supplies you with precisely the preferred temperature and is highly efficient at the same time. You can easily see the set temperature on the large illuminated display.

    Use hot water safely

    On a practical front, the digital temperature setting is very precise, with steps of just one degree at a time. If the temperature
    is above 43 °C, the display changes from blue to
    red, indicating that you are at risk
    of scalding yourself.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 233991

    Rated voltage: 400 V

    Rated voltage 1: 380 V

    Rated voltage 2: 400 V

    Rated voltage 3: 415 V

    Rated output: 18/21/24 kW

    Rated output 1: 16,2/19/21,7 kW

    Rated output 2: 18/21/24 kW

    Rated output 3: 19,4/22,6/25,8 kW

    Rated current: 29/31/35 A

    Rated current 1: 27,6/29,5/33,3 A

    Rated current 2: 29/31/35 A

    Rated current 3: 30,1/32,2/36,3 A

    Fuse protection: 32/32/35 A

    Fuse protection 1: 32/32/35 A

    Fuse protection 2: 32/32/35 A

    Fuse protection 3: 32/32/40 A

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 1: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 2: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 3: 50/- Hz

    Phases: 3/PE

    IP rating: IP25

    Temperature setting: 30-60 °C

    Colour: white

    Height: 485 mm

    Width: 226 mm

    Depth: 93 mm

    Weight: 3.60 kg

    Energy efficiency class: A

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