DHW cylinder

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    Choose an efficient partner for your heat pump
    If you value high hot water convenience and a good level of efficiency, these cylinder solutions are for you.These appliances work together with a heat pump to supply hot water in family homes.

    Making effective use of the sun
    And that's not all these appliances can do.One of our cylinder models is equipped with a special smooth tube indirect coil.This allows you to make full and efficient use of the heat yield from your solar thermal system.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 221362

    Energy efficiency class: C

    Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C: 2.40 kWh

    Nominal capacity: 395 l

    Surface area, heat exchanger, top: 4.00 m²

    Surface area, heat exchanger, bottom: 1.40 m²

    Height: 1880 mm

    Diameter incl. thermal insulation: 750 mm

    Height when tilted: 1,930 mm

    Weight: 219 kg

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