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    Application • Safety assembly for pressurised floor mounted electric and combi cylinders. • Standard delivery includes a shut-off valve, non-return valve with service valve, pressure gauge connection, diaphragm safety valve and drain outlet. • A pipe break is integrated into the drain outlet of the safety valve, which prevents the waste water being sucked back. • With its threaded connection, the safety valve can be rotated, repositioned or replaced to match it to different installation situations. • The safety assembly enables angled or straight-through installation in horizontal and vertical pipework. • In vertical pipework, install the safety assembly only in a bottom to top flow direction. A pressure reducing valve can be retrofitted if required.


    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 074370

    Pressure reducing valve: -

    Drip water connection:

    Installation type: Surface mounted

    Water connection: G 1 A

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