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    DHW solutions for sanitary facilities

    Hygiene, convenience and efficiency – washbasins have to fulfil many requirements. This is true not only of private households, but is also applicable to the real estate and housing sectors, as well as sanitary facilities in commercial environments. Not only because hygiene plays a major role as soon as drinking water systems are involved. Efficiency and economic viability are crucial too.

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    Finding the right instantaneous water heater. How to choose the right model

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    The right choice of instantaneous water heater for your needs can lead to considerable savings in consumption, installation and maintenance. Decentralised DHW heating in residential buildings, for example, is practical in several respects. Pasteurisation is conducted entirely automatically. Furthermore, additional costs for checks do not apply. And in terms of efficiency and CO2 emissions, decentralised DHW heating with instantaneous water heaters often delivers better results in residential and apartment buildings due to short pipe runs.

    Dot the i’s on your efficiency

    The i technology tells you the DHW convenience level and the energy efficiency of your instantaneous water heater. Our appliances offer you one of three convenience levels.

    Instantaneous water heaters with full electronic control and 4i technology define premium comfort

    We rely on our 4i technology for fully electronic closed-loop control. This combines three sensors and a motorised valve. The sensors capture the inlet temperature, outlet temperature and flow rate. Your instantaneous water heater provides accurate temperatures at all times without fluctuations, and works with maximum efficiency by constantly comparing the temperature currently being delivered against the set temperature.

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    Instantaneous water heaters with electronic closed-loop control and 3i technology provide maximum DHW convenience

    Our appliances with electronic closed-loop control are equipped with 3i technology. This comprises temperature sensors at the inlet, the outlet and a flow sensor. The appliances in this category maintain a constant and precise DHW temperature right up to the output limit with very high efficiency.

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    Instantaneous water heaters with electronic open-loop control in the form of 2i technology guarantee everyday DHW convenience

    Our instantaneous water heaters with electronic open-loop control are equipped with 2i technology, comprising an inlet temperature sensor and a flow sensor. This technology calculates the heating output required subject to the selected temperature level. Choose from three fixed temperature levels (approx. 35, 45 and 55 °C). By mixing in cold water at the tap, you can vary the temperature according to your wishes – with consistently warm water and a good level of efficiency.

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