Comfort instantaneous water heaters
PHB 13

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    All you need to do is get the right mix

    There are different levels of comfort to enjoy with this instantaneous water heater. This is because the appliance puts four output stages at your disposal. You can easily achieve your preferred temperature by mixing in cold water at the draw-off point.

    Ready for anything

    Whether your home has soft or hard water makes no difference to this robust appliance. Thanks to its bare wire heating system, this instantaneous water heater is suitable for almost all water qualities and always delivers a convincing performance.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 233998

    Rated voltage: 400 V

    Rated voltage 1: 380 V

    Rated voltage 2: 400 V

    Rated output: 13.5 kW

    Rated output 1: 12.2 kW

    Rated output 2: 13.5 kW

    Rated current: 19.5 A

    Rated current 1: 18,5 A

    Rated current 2: 19,5 A

    Fuse protection: 20 A

    Fuse protection 1: 20 A

    Fuse protection 2: 20 A

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 1: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 2: 50/60 Hz

    Phases: 3/PE

    ON stage I: 2,4 l/min

    ON stage II: 3,9 l/min

    IP rating: IP 25

    Colour: white

    Height: 485 mm

    Width: 226 mm

    Depth: 93 mm

    Weight: 3.60 kg

    Energy efficiency class: A

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