Hot air hand dryers

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    Dry your hands comfortably and economically
    Since hygiene plays an important role
    in sanitary facilities, we have also equipped
    this hand dryer with an infrared sensor.
    This switches the appliance on
    without the need to touch it. Users simply
    have to hold their hands directly below
    the air outlet. This also makes operation
    extremely economical.

    Don’t put up with noise
    The appliance dries hands remarkably quietly,
    so it is ideal for areas where loud noise
    would be a nuisance. The exterior
    is also just right: the casing protects against
    damage, but at the same time features
    an elegant design.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 073008

    Power supply: 1/N ~ 220-240 V

    Frequency: 50/- Hz

    Rated output: 1800 W

    Operating noise: 54 dB(A)

    Air speed: 12 m/s

    Drying time: 36 s

    IP rating: IP 23

    Casing material: Diecast aluminium

    Colour: signal white, RAL 9003

    Actuation type: Proximity sensors

    Height: 266 mm

    Width: 257 mm

    Depth: 230 mm

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