Underfloor heating
FTM 160/6

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    The perfectly sized supplement to your heating system

    Do you want to heat more conveniently? Then use these thin-bed heating mats to supplement your existing heating system. Thanks to their low installed height, they are straightforward for your installer to fit. Their high heating output warms the floor very quickly – so you don't have to wait long to feel the pleasant warmth underfoot.

    Convenient system combinations

    The heating mats are suitable for new buildings as well as for modernisation projects. So no matter which heating system you have chosen, you can integrate these heating mats without any problems. They are also flexible when it comes to the floor surface. They can even be laid in the bathroom.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205680

    Area-specific output: 160 W/m²

    IP rating: IP X7

    Surface area: 6.00 m²

    Length: 12 m

    Width: 500 mm

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