Bathroom radiator

BHE 75 Plus

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    APPLICATION: Bathroom radiators manufactured for durability, can be used individually as purely electrically operated appliances. Ideal for warming and drying towels, as a booster heater, or for heating in spring and autumn. Towels can easily be hung at multiple levels.
    The appliances are simple and convenient to operate via the easily accessible electronic controller. The required room temperature can be adjusted on the programming unit from +10 to +30 °C in 0.5 °C increments. Programmable weekly timer with adaptive control as a learning function for achieving the comfort temperature at precisely the right time. Programmable comfort and setback temperatures. The appliances are available in 4 output levels. A version with integral rapid heater is available for quick reheating of the room. The rapid heater can be activated for the preselected heating time.
    Ready for installation; filled with heat transfer medium. Ready for connection, with 1 m power cable and mains plug.
    Integral high limit safety cut-out. Installation in bathrooms can include installation in safety zone 2.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 238713

    Connected load: 0,75 kW

    Height: 1590 mm

    Depth: 117 mm

    Width: 500 mm

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