Bathroom radiator
BHE 175 T Classic

  • Product details

    Bathroom radiators in the BHE Classic series are perfect for warming and drying towels and ensure cosy warmth after a shower or bath. The BHE can be connected directly to the heating pipework and guarantees efficient use of energy for keeping your bathroom cosy all year round. For electrical operation, the bathroom radiator is wired into a junction box. The electronic temperature controller then uses its individual time programs to ensure precision timing for the most accurate and efficient delivery of heat. The turbo version of the BHE 175 T Classic is equipped with an integral direct heater rod that heats up the bathroom radiator quickly and directly calling on up to 1000 W. A rapid heater is also integrated.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 233858

    Connected load: 1,75 kW

    Width: 550 mm

    Height: 1239 mm

    Depth: 130 mm

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