VRL-C 870 G Trend

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    Application • Typical applications include controlled ventilation of larger spaces such as classrooms, conference rooms, sales showrooms, nurseries, restaurants and other function rooms. • The automated room ventilation improves the quality of the indoor air and reduces the level of CO2, aerosols, spores and dirt, thanks to the integral filters and heat recovery. At the same time, the high rate of air exchange reduces smells, bacteria and viruses in the indoor air. • The appliances are optimised for low-noise operation and are designed for decentralised usage directly at the point of use. Air ducting is required for routing the outdoor and exhaust air. Extract and supply air is routed directly through the grille diffusers on the appliance.

    Convenience features • Operating modes, programs and parameters can be adjusted simply and intuitively on the programming unit. The appliances are designed for straightforward and rapid servicing and are easy to maintain. An additional sensor (accessory) measures the CO2 concentration in the indoor air and provides fully automatic control of the appliance's air flow rate until the CO2 falls below the set level again. With the aid of a movement sensor (accessory), the appliance can switch between basic ventilation and a higher level. The temperature-dependent bypass automatically circumvents heat recovery when necessary. All the appliances are fitted with an electric preheating coil and can be used even when outdoor temperatures are very low with balanced supply and extract air flow rates. • To prevent uncontrolled air flow when the system is in standby, it is equipped with motorised outdoor air and exhaust air dampers. • In the case of fire or loss of power, the spring-loaded outdoor and exhaust air flaps seal the airways, which helps reduce the spread of fire or smoke through the building. • In larger buildings, up to 20 appliances can be linked and controlled using a single programming unit. The appliances can be connected to a higher ranking building management system via BACnet, Modbus or LON interface (accessories).

    Installation • The appliance is designed for ceiling installation and can be built into a suspended ceiling. It can be installed in different places on the ceiling. • The direction of the air flow is determined by the adjustable supply air grille on the front of the appliance. • The extract air is sucked in through the extract air grille on the right of the narrow side.

    Efficiency • The combination of energy saving EC fans, intelligent control and other sensors ensures efficient operation.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204133

    Heat recovery level up to: 92 %

    Air flow rate: 300-870 m³/h

    Max. air flow rate: 870 m³/h

    Max. power consumption: 1,850 W

    Height: 507 mm

    Width: 902 mm

    Length: 1,688 mm

    Weight: 140 kg

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