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    The LWA 252 central ventilation device was specifically designed for apartments and houses from 100 m². It represents an excellent addition to a second heat source and is therefore also ideally suited for retrofitting. The system generates a slight negative pressure in connected rooms, drawing the fresh air that is supplied from a decentralised location through air supply valves. A heat pump inside the unit recovers the thermal energy from the extract air and feeds it into the permanently integrated 300 litre cylinder. The decentralised air supply allows the installation to be carried out without a large proportion of the normally required ductwork. This obviously reduces the outlay for installation. Nevertheless, this process is extremely efficient, as the energy discharged with the extract air is used to heat the domestic hot water. The LWA 252 SOL ventilation unit is also perfect for combining with a solar heating system.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 074265

    Width: 696 mm

    Height: 1860 mm

    Depth: 735 mm

    Air flow rate: 80-400 m³/h

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