LWA 100

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    As a slightly smaller version, the LWA 100 system impresses as it has the same excellent performance characteristics as the LWA 252. As a complete central ventilation system, it is equipped with an ultra-quiet fan that creates a slight negative pressure in connected rooms. Fresh air flows in from the outside through individual supply valves. A heat pump extracts the residual energy from the extract air and feeds it into the integral 100 litre DHW cylinder. The energy recovered from the extract air heats the DHW to around 55 °C, covering the DHW demand for the entire apartment. A 3 kW immersion heater inside the cylinder provides additional heating power in cases of higher DHW demand, as a result of which there is always enough hot water on tap. The LWA 100 is also ideally suited to retrofitting.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 221470

    Width: 510 mm

    Height: 1290 mm

    Depth: 510 mm

    Air flow rate: 60-130 m³/h

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