AWG 160 R

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    Description • The thermally insulating wall outlet made of EPS is designed for the connection of an air duct. • To reliably prevent run marks on the external wall, the weather grille made of painted sheet steel has a drip edge. • If outdoor air is used as a heat source, no additional thermal insulation measures are needed for the pipe. This allows straightforward installation with small dimensions.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 234505

    Max. air flow rate: 350 m³/h

    Condensation limit at: Temperature inside pipe / temperature around the pipe / relative humidity around the pipe: -20 °C / 20 °C / 60 %

    Width of surround for weather grille: 220 mm

    Outer pipe diameter: 200 mm

    Pipe length: 545 mm

    Connection diameter: 160 mm

    Weight: 0.50 kg

    Wall outlet material: EPS (grey)

    Weather grille material: Painted sheet steel (silver grey)

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