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    Choose a powerful partner for your hot water

    Robust and especially powerful – these are the defining features of this air source heat pump. The compact appliance with stove-enamelled metal casing is specially designed for your qualified contractor to install in your garden. From there, it will supply several draw-off points in your home with pleasant hot water, and ensure reliable operation and a long service life as well.

    Link up to self-generated electricity

    If you use your heat pump in recirculation air mode, it can also be installed indoors. Wherever you site the appliance, it can do more: do you generate your own solar power? Then make use of that for your DHW heating. The heat pump can be easily linked up to a photovoltaic system.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 231209

    Energy efficiency class, DHW heating (indoor air), load profile L: A+

    Average heating output (A15 / W10-55): 1.6 kW

    Average heating output (A7 / W10-55): 1.2 kW

    COP (EN 16147 / A20): 2,92

    Nominal load profile (EN 16147): L

    Nominal DHW temperature (EN 16147): 61 °C

    Maximum available nominal amount of DHW at 40 °C (EN 16147 / A20): 322 l

    Average sound pressure level at 1 m distance, free field: 45 dB(A)

    Sound power level (EN 12102): 60 dB(A)

    Min./max. application limits for heat source: -5/+42 °C

    Max. DHW temperature with heat pump: 65 °C

    Min. DHW temperature with heat pump: 61 °C

    Height x diameter: 1501 x 690 mm

    Nominal capacity: 220 l

    Max. mixed water volume 40 °C: 335 l

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