DHW heat pumps
SHP-O 200 Plus

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    Give your hot water the comfort factor

    This DHW heat pump is your perfect entry into renewables. With its new, contemporary design, this appliance heats domestic hot water in family houses – regardless what type of heating system you already have. The heat pump makes use of most of the free ambient heat, instead of oil or gas. If you wish, you can operate the appliance, which is particularly environmentally friendly and very energy efficient thanks to the natural refrigerant propane, using self-generated electricity from your PV system.

    Easy, convenient control

    The appliance offers you every conceivable advantage in operation: Simply connect the heat pump to your WLAN. Then take control in total comfort via app – even away from home.  A further advantage: Your qualified contractor can access the appliance via the Servicewelt portal and change settings quickly and conveniently. This often makes an on-site visit unnecessary.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204472

    Nominal load profile (EN 16147): L

    Height x diameter: 1475,5 x 650 mm

    Nominal capacity: 200 l

    Min./max. application limits for heat source: +6/+43 °C

    Max. DHW temperature with heat pump: 65 °C

    Min. DHW temperature with heat pump: 35 °C

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