Ground source heat pumps
HPG-I 15 S Premium

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    Open your door to comfortable living

    Boost your home comforts with this ground source heat pump. The appliance with inverter technology draws heat from the ground for your central heating and domestic hot water. We also offer a version that provides passive cooling for your house as and when required. In both summer and winter, this ingenious piece of engineering elevates your living comfort to new levels, thanks to its consistent heating output with high flow temperatures.

    Make the most of this all-rounder

    One of our five output sizes will be just right for you, whether it's for a new building or a modernisation project. The inverter technology guarantees you the exact heating output you want at any given time. This reduces your energy consumption to a minimum, saves you money and even optimises your room climate – all at the same time.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 202621

    Energy efficiency class: A+++

    Energy efficiency class, room heating in moderate climates, average temperature applications: A+++

    Heating output at B0/W35 (EN 14511): 5,18 kW

    Heating output at B0/W35 (min./max.): 2,1-14,8 kW

    COP at B0/W35 (EN 14511): 4.86

    SCOP 35 °C (EN 14825): 5.44

    Sound power level (EN 12102): 39-47 dB(A)

    Max. application limit on the heating side: 75 °C

    Height: 1369 mm

    Width: 598 mm

    Depth: 658 mm

    Weight: 190 kg

    Refrigerant: R454C

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