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HPA-O 8 CS Plus compact Set 1.1

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    The outdoor air source heat pump in this set makes use of advanced inverter technology to deliver a pleasingly high level of efficiency. Its equipment features ensure that you have the best possible supply of DHW in your home at all times. The cooling function is included. You can therefore provide yourself and your family with a refreshing level of living comfort even on hot days.

    Combine this DHW cylinder with the outdoor heat pump and enjoy high levels of convenience and cost savings – especially if your home is equipped throughout with underfloor heating. The cylinder integrates all hydraulic components for maximum practicality. When summer comes and it's time to turn the heating off, the cylinder also supports cooling via the heat pump and underfloor heating system. The minimalist design of the cylinder also helps it to look great in whatever installation room you choose.

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    Product Number: 204270

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