Air-water heat pumps
WPL 17 ICS classic

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    With the WPL 09 ICS classic inverter air-water heat pump, designed for indoor installation, STIEBEL ELTRON presents a system solution for the new build sector that is as elegant as it is efficient. Thanks to flexible air routing and pre-assembled air hoses, it can be connected almost anywhere, quickly and easily.

    You want to have energy efficiency – not hear it.
    Excellent sound insulation on the air routing means that the heat pump is barely audible even when space is tight. In silent mode, the WPL 09 ICS classic is even quieter.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 236376

    Output at A2/W35 (EN 14511): 5,02 kW

    Output at A-7/W35 (EN 14511): 8,02 kW

    Coefficient of performance at A-7/W35 (EN 14511): 2,63

    Coefficient of performance at A2/W35 (EN 14511): 3,83

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