AWG 315 SR.2

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    Application • This robust, telescopic wall outlet is suitable for ensuring the outdoor and exhaust air routing of the heat pump air flow through a wall. • The flow-optimised wall outlet ensures no thermal bridges and is made of grey EPS moulded with high density. • Integral threaded elements made of steel are used for fastening. • Any moisture that accumulates is discharged to the front via the weather grille. • The connection to the air hoses is made via an oval quick-fit connector with flexible sealing tape.

    Installation • The basic element is installed in the wall together with the mounting element. After completion of the wall, the mounting element is replaced by the frame element, which is then sealed in. • The final step is the external cover made of painted aluminium, which is installed as a light well or as a façade version with weather protection, depending on the model. 


    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205786

    Height: 440 mm

    Width: 440 mm

    Depth: 340 mm

    Min. outlet aperture: 450x450 mm

    Wall thickness: 325 - 500 mm

    Max. air flow rate: 1300 m³/h

    Colour: silver-metallic

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