Heat for a mountain restaurant

The ALP CATRINA mountain restaurant in Brüsti Attinghausen is kept warm by means of a heat pump cascade.

Heat even in the deepest snow

A warm restaurant after a day in the snow – that is pure comfort. Which is why a functioning heating system is worth its weight in gold. The ALP CATRINA mountain restaurant in the Brüsti resort had this in mind when it opted for STIEBEL ELTRON heat pumps

Alp Catrina cascade


  • Mountain restaurant 
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Replacement of old wood-fired heating system
  • Considerable heating demand due to high altitude 
  • Often a great deal of snow on the ground in winter


  • 6468 Attinghausen, Switzerland

Installed appliances:

  • Cascade of three WPL 25 A heat pumps
  • HS-BM 2190 L buffer cylinder


  • Koni Wyrsch, Attinghausen

Cosy warmth in snowy winter

A cascade of three air source heat pumps supplies the energy needed to warm up guests at the ALP CATRINA mountain restaurant after their day in the snow. The old log burning boiler had seen better days. The operators of Luftseilbahn Attinghausen-Brüsti AG, the cable car company that also runs the restaurant, wanted to switch to a fully automatic system. “It used to require a huge effort to get the hardwood here,” explains Andreas Arnold of Luftseilbahn Attinghausen-Brüsti AG. “It had to be carried up in the cable car because there’s only fir wood in the surrounding forests.” The mountain restaurant is also a large property, which meant it was consuming a lot of wood.

It made sense to look for a suitable heat pump solution. “The most important thing initially was to get the siting right,” explains René Huber, a technical sales consultant at STIEBEL ELTRON Switzerland, “because there’s often a lot of snow on the ground in winter.” To continuously work properly, the heat pumps must never be covered in snow. The ideal solution in this case was therefore to mount the system to the wall of the adjoining building.

“The installation itself wasn’t particularly difficult then either. The bigger challenge really lay in transporting the system using the cable car,” explains Stefan Huber, a heating engineer with Koni Wyrsch, Sanitär und Heizung. “Obviously, it was important to design everything especially well with this in mind.”

Certain technical aspects also have to be borne in mind with heat pumps operating at high altitude. In particular, the system had to be sufficiently powerful given the lofty location of the mountain restaurant. Therefore the decision was taken to use a cascade of three pumps. And the output produced has been entirely satisfying.

“The fully automatic system has made it so much easier for us to run our business.”

Andreas Arnold, Luftseilbahn Attinghausen-Brüsti AG

“Because there’s often a lot of snow on the ground in winter, it was important to get the siting right. Wall mounting is the perfect solution.”

René Huber, technical sales consultant at STIEBEL ELTRON Switzerland

Benefits of a cascade solution

The cascade setup offers greater flexibility in terms of siting compared to large individual appliances, not to mention superb operational reliability. Trouble-free, application-specific operation is ultimately one of the most important criteria when selecting a heat pump.

In terms of noise levels as well, cascades of smaller individual appliances are superior to large air source heat pumps. Inverter technology really comes into its own with such a system – while each individual heat pump works as an inverter, so too does the cascade as a whole. This means the heating output is always precisely matched to the specific heat demand. Cascade control enables one or more units to provide the base cover. Peak loads are covered by starting additional units as needed.

“We’re very happy with the system,” confirms Arnold on behalf of the operators. “It meets all of our expectations, and the siting is also ideal.” The first guests have already been able to feel the benefits and warm up in the cosy restaurant in winter.

“The system is working perfectly.”

Stefan Huber, heating engineer with Koni Wyrsch, Sanitär und Heizung

Alp Catrina

The Alp Catrina mountain restaurant is located approximately 1600 metres above sea level and offers views of the Guggital valley and impressive Geissberg mountain. It is the perfect spot for families and mountain enthusiasts – in summer and winter alike. From here, they can appreciate the idyllic Swiss panorama, surrounded by unspoilt nature.

The mountain restaurant offers typical Swiss cuisine to suit every taste. The unique Alp Brunch is especially popular. Whether enjoyed inside or on the beautiful terrace with its wonderful panoramic views – the broad selection of fresh, local produce never fails to impress.

The ALP CATRINA mountain restaurant offers various overnight opportunities. After long days of hiking or skiing, you can rest and eat here. All rooms also have a view of the beautiful Swiss mountains. It is a perfect place to spend your summer and winter holidays.