Water boilers
KBA 5 KA automatic

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    Cold, warm or even boiling hot? However you want your water, this automatic water heater provides it without any problems. With one lever, you can fill the container quickly and conveniently; the conventional twin lever tap is used to fill a pot or cup.

    Reap the benefits of a clever combination

    As we offer the right solution for every requirement, our automatic water heater is also available with a classic three lever tap. In both versions, the container is made of robust plastic. Maintaining a high level of operating convenience – so that you have hot water whenever you need it.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 074289

    Temperature setting range: 35-100 °C

    Tap: Three lever tap

    Type: non-pressurised

    Colour: grey

    Operating controls: 3 handles

    Height: 295 mm

    Width: 325 mm

    Depth: 197 mm

    Tap surface: chrome plated

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