Wall mounted cylinder
PSH 120 WE-H

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    Application • These horizontal wall mounted combi cylinders supply DHW simultaneously to multiple draw-off points – e.g. individual or group supply to the bathroom and kitchen. • The wall mounted combi cylinders are equipped with a stainless steel electric tubular heater. The integral tubular indirect coil allows connection to a central heating system, for example. • The pressure-tested appliance can be combined with all commercially available pressure taps or used for non-pressurised supply to a single draw-off point.

    Convenience features • The preferred temperature can be variably adjusted and easily checked using the temperature curve display. • A visual display indicates when the appliance is heating up.

    Efficiency • Low energy losses due to high grade thermal insulation. • The integral cylinder operates extremely economically, because it is connected to the heating system via the integral tubular indirect coil. • Design for recycling, for environmentally responsible sorting of the various components.

    Installation • Safe handling thanks to integral recessed grips. • Straightforward replacement of all standard wall mounted cylinders. Quick and easy installation using the universal wall mounting bracket. • Suitable for installation in systems with plastic, copper or stainless steel pipework. • The easy to remove flanged immersion heater is equipped with a second sensor well for external control of the heat generator. The large flanged aperture allows effective and convenient descaling. • The DHW circulation connection increases DHW convenience in longer pipe networks.

    Safety • The high grade magnesium anode and the steel inner cylinder with special "anticor" directly applied enamel coating protect against corrosion for a long service life. • Automatic frost protection monitors the water temperature and prevents the cylinder from freezing.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 236239

    Connected load ~ 230 V: 2 kW

    Phases: 1/N/PE

    Rated voltage: 220-240 V

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Standby power consumption over 24h at 65 °C: 1.691 kWh

    Nominal capacity: 120 l

    Mixed water volume 40 °C: 181 l

    Surface area, heat exchanger: 0.60 m²

    Temperature setting range: 5-80 °C

    Min./max. conductivity, DHW: 100–1500 μS/cm

    Max. flow rate: 23.5 l/min

    Width: 1178 mm

    Depth: 538 mm

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