Small water heater
ESH 10 O-P Plus

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    Less is more.

    This practical small water heater is perfect for draw-off points in close proximity to each other. The pressure-tested appliance not only saves space, but is also easy to operate. With variable temperature selection, this water heater can easily cover low to moderate DHW demand in kitchens and bathrooms. It is even suitable for quick showers.

    Providing good service and high efficiency.

    Good performance is not the only benefit of this small water heater. Features low power consumption in standby mode due to high quality insulation 

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 201398

    Connected load: 2 kW

    Nominal capacity: 10 l

    Mixed water volume 40 °C: 18 l

    Version: Small water heater

    Type: closed

    Installation type: Oversink

    With tap: -

    Colour: white

    With display: -

    Temperature display: without

    Height: 506 mm

    Width: 296 mm

    Depth: 276 mm

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