Floorstanding cylinders from 200 l
SHW 300 S

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    The SHW 300 floorstanding cylinder with 300 l capacity offers enough reserves to supply an entire household. The sealed unvented DHW cylinder is made of steel with a special enamel coating on the inside. Additional corrosion protection is provided by a rod anode with signal element. This makes the SHW ideal for multiple draw-off points. The cylinder is supplied as standard with a thermometer, signal anode and variable cold water inlet. Its temperature is infinitely variable. Its highly effective insulation keeps heat dissipation to a minimum. With the option of operating the cylinder with less expensive off-peak current, the SHW series of floorstanding DHW cylinders are also ideal as central and economic DHW solution for domestic households and commercial use alike. All floorstanding cylinders are easy to retrofit during modernisation.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 182121

    Rated capacity: 300 l

    Height: 1593 mm

    Width: 700 mm

    Depth: 815 mm

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