Mini instantaneous water heater
EIL 3 Plus

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    Hydraulically controlled mini instantaneous water heater with flow switch and automatic flow meter. Near constant accurate temperature delivery up to maximum output. Hydraulically controlled single stage heating output, subject to flow rate. Required temperature achieved by mixing at the tap. Including special aerator for perfect water flow pattern and integral flow meter for fitting in existing taps (M22/24 thread). Undersink installation.

    EIL Plus suitable for DHW supply to one hand washbasin. Can be operated with pressurised or non-pressurised tap.

    Mini instantaneous water heaters heat the water directly at the draw-off point only when required. Energy and water losses due to long pipe runs are avoided. This ensures high energy efficiency.

    Time saving and straightforward installation. Straightforward wall mounting: Secured at two points; back panel also serves as a drilling template; slots for compensating for drill hole discrepancies; appliance cover and internal assembly can be removed in one step. Fast, universal water connection: External 3/8" metal water connections for direct, universal installation of taps. Easy electrical connection: Prepared power cable as standard; 3.5 kW version with standard plug; other versions for permanent connection. Protection rating IP 25 (hoseproof). Maintenance-free bare wire heating system, suitable for hard and soft water. Safety system with high pressure switch.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 200138

    Rated output: 3.53 kW

    Height: 143 mm

    Width: 190 mm

    Depth: 82 mm

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