Mini instantaneous water heaters
EIL 7 Plus

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    The fastest way to enjoy hot water

    Are there places in your home where you only need hot water occasionally? Then this mini instantaneous water heater is the right solution for you. The water quickly gets up to temperature thanks to decentralised installation.

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    You retain flexibility, as the appliance can supply
    between two and four litres per minute,  depending on the model. Since this instantaneous water heater is easily combined with commercially available pressure-tested taps, it proves to be extraordinarily adaptable.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 200141

    Rated voltage: 400 V

    Rated voltage 1: 380 V

    Rated voltage 2: 400 V

    Rated voltage 3: 415 V

    Rated output: 6,5 kW

    Rated output 1: 5,9 kW

    Rated output 2: 6,5 kW

    Rated output 3: 7,0 kW

    Rated current: 16,3 A

    Rated current 1: 15,5 A

    Rated current 2: 16,3 A

    Rated current 3: 16,9 A

    Fuse protection: 20 A

    Fuse protection 1: 16 A

    Fuse protection 2: 20 A

    Fuse protection 3: 20 A

    Frequency: 50 Hz

    Frequency 1: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 2: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 3: 50/- Hz

    Phases: 2/PE

    Height: 143 mm

    Width: 190 mm

    Depth: 82 mm

    Water connection: G 3/8 A

    IP rating: IP 25

    Colour: white

    Weight: 1.40 kg

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