Compact instantaneous water heater
DCE 11/13 H

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    The perfect blend of performance and style

    This appliance can be integrated anywhere – not only on account of its compact format, but also in terms of design: its minimalistic look allows it to blend elegantly into any surroundings, with installation above the sink or washbasin. The same goes for matching wall mounted taps, which you can also obtain from us. When it comes to performance levels, our instantaneous water heater has nothing to hide either: its electronic control system reliably ensures accurate temperature settings.


    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 232792

    Rated voltage: 400 V

    Rated voltage 1: 380 V

    Rated voltage 2: 400 V

    Rated voltage 3: 415 V

    Rated output: 11,2/13,5 kW

    Rated output 1: 10,1/12,2 kW

    Rated output 2: 11,2/13,5 kW

    Rated output 3: 12,1/14,5 kW

    Rated current: 18,7/19,5 A

    Rated current 1: 17,8/18,5 A

    Rated current 2: 18,7/19,5 A

    Rated current 3: 19,4/20,2 A

    Fuse protection: 16/20 A

    Fuse protection 1: 16/20 A

    Fuse protection 2: 16/20 A

    Fuse protection 3: 20/20 A

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 1: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 2: 50/60 Hz

    Frequency 3: 50/- Hz

    Phases: 3/PE

    IP rating: IP24

    Temperature setting: 20-60 °C

    Colour: white

    Height: 293 mm

    Width: 188 mm

    Depth: 99 mm

    Weight: 2.20 kg

    Energy efficiency class: A

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