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SHP-F 220 Premium

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    Keeping your plans flexible

    The flexibility you enjoy with a DHW heat pump is well demonstrated in this model. It is equipped with air ducts that allow it to draw outdoor air or waste heat from an adjacent room. Moreover, your installer can arrange the ducts horizontally or vertically, depending on the layout of the installation room.

    A futureproof investment

    The appliance is also well equipped on the inside: it achieves the highest possible energy efficiency class (A+) and provides you with hygienic DHW temperatures of up to 65 °C. A straightforward combination of heat pump and photovoltaic system makes even more efficient use of natural resources, as it allows you to heat your DHW with self-generated electricity. For feel-good moments that are truly home-made.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 238630

    Nominal load profile (EN 16147): L

    COP (EN 16147 / A20): 3,28

    COP (EN 16147 / A7): 3,07

    Nominal DHW temperature (EN 16147): 55 °C

    Height x diameter: 1501 x 690 mm

    Nominal capacity: 220 l

    Max. mixed water amount at 40 °C: 330 l

    Energy efficiency class, DHW heating (outdoor air), load profile L: A+

    Energy efficiency class, DHW heating (indoor air), load profile L: A+

    Average heating output (A20 / W10-55): 1,8 kW

    Average heating output (A7 / W10-55): 1,3 kW

    Average indoor sound pressure level at 1 m distance, free field with 4 m air duct: 37 dB(A)

    Indoor sound power level with 4 m air duct (EN 12102): 52 dB(A)

    Min./max. application limits for heat source: -8/+42 °C

    Max. DHW temperature with heat pump: 65 °C

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