DHW heat pumps
SHP-A 220 Plus

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    APPLICATION: Compact DHW heat pump for efficient DHW supply to several draw-off points. For recirculation air mode. Quick and easy installation to make efficient use of existing waste heat, e.g. from freezers, tumble dryers, heating systems or other sources of waste heat in the installation room.
    EQUIPMENT/CONVENIENCE: Very high level of DHW convenience. Up to max. 65 °C in heat pump only mode for hygienic DHW heating and very large amounts of mixed water. High operating convenience. Electronic controller with LCD indicating the currently available amount of mixed water. Electric emergency/booster heater as standard. Compressor sound-insulated from the air stream for quiet operation. Highly compact 220 l version, ideal for installation rooms with a low ceiling height. Highly reliable and cost saving due to the integral impressed current anode.
    COMBINATION OPTIONS: Intelligent interface for communication with suitable photovoltaic systems as standard (for targeted increase in on-site consumption).
    EFFICIENCY:Outstanding efficiency. All appliances in the series are noted for their A+ energy rating, the highest possible energy efficiency class.
    SPECIAL FEATURES: Spring-loaded roll bond heat exchanger for maximum efficiency over the entire service life of the appliance.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 238633

    Average heating output (A15/W10-55): 1,6 kW

    Height: 1501 mm

    Diameter: 690 mm

    Weight: 120 kg

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