Underfloor heating
FTM 160/2.5 Set Trend

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    Application • This set comprises the thin-bed heating mat, a simple controller and the materials required for installation.The thin-bed heating mats are used for electric underfloor heating in new build and renovation projects.Installed directly under the floor covering, they quickly provide a pleasantly warm floor surface, independently of the existing heating system.• The heating mat is suitable for use as an auxiliary or booster heater.

    Convenience features • The low installed height enables direct installation in the tile adhesive under ceramic surfaces.Under carpets and other floor coverings, a floating screed is used.In combination with a water-based underfloor heating system, the comfort of a warm floor can therefore also be enjoyed outside the heating season.The heat conductor is completely sewn onto the self-adhesive support mat and can therefore be laid on the floor quickly and easily.

    Installation • In conjunction with an RCD, the mat can be installed in the bathroom.Trimming the support web enables easy matching of the mats to the individual available space.

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    Product Number: 205686

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