LWZ Balance Premium Sets from Stiebel Eltron

Efficient ventilation as required

Whether during cooking or after a shower, when there is too much humidity in the room, it should be transported outside as quickly as possible and reliably. This can be done manually by opening the window - or by relying on the LWZ Balance Premium Sets from Stiebel Eltron.

The LWZ 8 CS Premium integral unit and the LWZ 180/280 ventilation system are available as balance variants in which humidity-controlled extract air vents are used. The ventilation unit itself has constant pressure control so that the required supply air volume can also be adjusted accordingly at any time.

As with any ventilation system, the required air volumes per exhaust air vent are set during installation according to the calculated requirements. However, there are situations in which the set air volume does not meet the demand. If excessive humidity occurs as described above, even in the reverse case, for example if the room air becomes too dry in winter, a manual readjustment has to be carried out whenever possible. This adjustment is done automatically with the Balance Premium Sets.

The Balance Premium Sets are equipped with sensors that simultaneously measure the CO2 content of the air in the connected rooms or detect the presence of persons in order to introduce the necessary amount of fresh air. The result is fresh, unpolluted air at all times and therefore a high level of comfort - with maximum efficiency.

The exhaust air vents operate according to a simple principle: a humidity-sensitive sensor detects the humidity and the flaps in the valve open or close depending on the degree of humidity. This happens mechanically - a power supply is not required. The constant pressure control in the ventilation unit constantly adjusts the exhaust air volume to the changing conditions. In this way, air exchange is optimised to the minimum without risking any damage to the building through moisture. At the same time, the supply air volume is balanced at all times to match the exhaust air volume.