Ceremony for the 125th birthday of Dr. Theodor Stiebel

Company founder honoured for daring and life's work

Dr. Ulrich Stiebel and Frank Stiebel celebrated the 125th birthday of their father - STIEBEL ELTRON company founder Dr. Theodor Stiebel - with around 150 guests at a ceremony at the Energy Campus in Holzminden. The first welcoming sentences came from the company founder himself, who died in 1960: Excerpts from a speech to his employees during a company party in 1957 were played. Subsequently, Dr. Ulrich Stiebel welcomed the present friends and companions of the family and the company, representatives from politics, the local economy, associations and other institutions.

"Today we reminisce about a visionary of his time," explained Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer in his speech in honour of the company founder. "Dr. Theodor Stiebel embarked on his vision with daring - daring instead of courage, because daring calculates the risk." Töpfer summed up important stages in Theodor Stiebel's life without just reproducing the data - and thus captivated the audience: "This man sat at the feet of Max Planck and Einstein, he was a gifted natural scientist. He always used his knowledge from one point of view: What can I do with it for people who have an entrepreneurial purpose? In the end, he has chosen exactly the direction of development that is paying off today".

Klaus Töpfer's laudatory speech was followed by a keynote speech by the renowned climate researcher Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif, to whom Töpfer addressed a few words at the end of his speech: "This company is one of the few from which you are praised when you say that you are responsible for the energy revolution."

Latif spoke about climate change and renewable energy. "Until 2018, I had the feeling I could talk about climate change, but nobody cares. Last year, climate change became real for many people. I hope that in a few decades we will be able to say '2018 has given the energy revolution a boost'" There is a chance to prevent the climate catastrophe if everyone pulls together: "We must solve the global problems together, otherwise we will not be able to solve a single problem on this earth".

The charming moderator Sabine Stamm led through the program of the event at the Holzminden Energy Campus. Dr. Ulrich Stiebel thanked her and the speakers for their fitting words before addressing the guests once again: "I am delighted that so many people have accepted our invitation and are spending this evening with us".