The unique hallmark

The logo is the company’s most important distinguishing feature and as such, it must be considered unchangeable. If the logo is not used consistently, this detracts from its function and value. It is therefore important to use our company logo according to the same specifications at all times.

Minimum size
In the context of co-branding or very small depictions, the logo may have to be scaled down. To guarantee good readability, it must not be smaller than the minimum size.

Clear space
The proportions of the logo itself and the clear space around it are predefined and must be maintained regardless of size.

The slogan should ideally occupy its own space but never without the logo present. 

Not like this! Using our logo incorrectly.

The colour influences the look

The STIEBEL ELTRON brand colours are as consistently specified as the font, form and shape of the logo. Precise specifications in line with various standards allow the colours to be reproduced exactly the same every time. This means that the brand identity always has a uniform appearance in terms of its colours.

Differentiating by colour – our secondary colours

The power of typography

Everyone has their own signature. This applies to individual people as well as to us as a company. Using our corporate fonts promotes recognition of the brand and defines its identity.