• TEGREON photovoltaic modules

    Solid yields through high quality: The TEGREON photovoltaic module includes everything to ensure high cost effectiveness.


    Power from solar energy – sustainable and cost effective

    PV systems convert the sun's radiation directly into electricity. An inverter then converts the DC current into 230 V AC current. This current can be exported to the grid or used on site.

    STIEBEL ELTRON offers the TEGREON PV module series, which has been manufactured in Germany to the most stringent environmental standards. High quality components and quality-optimised production ensure high investment protection with long term guarantees and high returns. 

    What solar technology is available?

    There are two basic methods of converting solar energy into energy which can be used in the home.

    Firstly, there are photovoltaic systems. These convert the energy in the sun's rays into electric current. An inverter then converts the low voltage DC current into 230 V AC current.

    Secondly, there are solar thermal systems. These convert the energy in the sun's radiation into thermal energy. This is used for central heating backup and to heat domestic hot water. 


    Installation is quick thanks to the flexible TEGREON SNAP installation system, which enables horizontal and vertical installation for optimum utilisation of space and extremely high load bearing capacity. Quality materials, an accurate fit and quick installation without having to trim systems to length on the roof are important contributing factors to the excellent price/performance ratio of the overall system. The high quality materials used guarantee a high level of stability and a long service life. 

    If the PV system is used in conjunction with other STIEBEL ELTRON systems, for example a DHW heat pump, higher on-site power consumption can significantly increase the system returns still further.