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WWK 302

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    The WWK 302 is a compact air | water heat pump designed specifically for outdoor installation (heat pump unit and cylinder made from steel, with a special enamel coating on the inside, and installed in one casing) for supplying DHW to several draw-off points (detached or two-family houses). Naturally, it can also be used for indoor installation. Attractive design, cylinder with high grade thermal insulation and outstanding efficiency/COP values. Very quiet operation thanks to sound-insulated compressor.

    This heat pump is also equipped as standard with an integral emergency/booster heater. Very compact and space efficient design. It meets the requirements of the very demanding XL draw-off profile to EN 16147 and achieves top ratings according to the energy efficiency classes for DHW heat pumps applicable from September 2015. DHW temperature preset to > 60 °C in efficient heat pump operation. Highest quality standard. Use of particularly high quality components, such as a Rollbond safety condenser for maximum reliability and permanently high efficiency, and a maintenance-free impressed current anode, likewise for maximum reliability and cost savings for users due to elimination of the need for regular anode checks/replacement. The appliances are also equipped as standard with a battery buffer for the impressed current anode in the case of unplanned power outages in the public supply network.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 231211

    Average heating output (A15/W10-55): 1.6 kW

    Diameter: 690 mm

    Height: 1905 mm

    Weight: 135 kg

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