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WWK 220 electronic

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    The WWK 220 electronic compact appliance is a fully wired DHW heat pump for DHW heating. In a new, attractive design, it has a cylinder capacity of 220 litres. These highly efficient heat pumps, with optimally insulated cylinder, achieve excellent output values. The finishing touch is provided by the new control unit with LCD, offering a high level of operating convenience. Information such as the currently available amount of mixed water at +40 °C can be called up at an instance. In heat pump only operation, water temperatures of up to 65 °C can be achieved. The exact temperature required can be variably selected. These compact appliances are designed to supply several draw-off points. The high quality equipment level includes a maintenance-free impressed current anode and an emergency booster heater. External signal transmitters can be integrated via the built-in contact input, for example to make use of solar power generated on site or, if necessary and where possible, an economy tariff signal.

    Technical data

    Product Number: 231208

    Average heating output (A15/W10-55): 1,6 kW

    Height: 1545 mm

    Diameter: 690 mm

    Weight: 120 kg

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