Brine-water heat pumps
WPF 16 M

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    The modular WPF range is a brine-water heat pump system that is capable of delivering renewable energy to buildings on a much larger scale. The combination of up to six heat pumps means that the system can deliver a combined output of up to 100 kW. That makes it perfect for heating larger buildings or apartments for example. The system meters out its heating output via up to two controllers, making the system control very easy indeed. The modules can be matched, stage-by-stage, to your individual requirements, to deliver an energy supply solution for DHW and central heating which is tailor-made under ecological and economical aspects.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 220894

    Output at B0/W35 (EN 14511): 16.99 kW

    Coefficient of performance at B0/W35 (EN 14511): 4,35

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